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Find, Verify, and Visualize Your Data.

No need for separate query, catalog, and plotting tools.

Data quality feedback for any SQL query.

See data quality information as you type. Deekard automatically detects columns, joins and predicates from your query and displays any potential issues in your data. Save time by fixing your query before you run it. Easily debug issues of any query you run in production.

Data visualization at your fingertips.

Create visualizations of your query results with Deekard’s integrated plotting tool. Choose from 12 plot types, select which column to use for colors or sizes of your plots, and easily create faceted plots.

Integrated data catalog.

Search for any columns in your data warehouse and investigate Deekard’s statistical column profiles. Check for available columns, missing values, data types and see what format your data actually has. Use the information to select the right columns and predicates.

Data Quality Checks for SQL Queries.

Deekard parses your SQL query to understand which columns, tables, joins, and predicates you use. See helpful results from data profiles before running your query. No manual configuration needed - just write your query and get data quality feedback.

Debug your queries in seconds.

Save time and effort while debugging your query and your data. Deekard immediately shows you any issues in your queries. For instance, you can see if your JOIN is not working as the join columns don't overlap, or if your WHERE condition is too strict and removes all the rows.

Avoid running expensive wrong queries.

Queries with data quality problems lead to useless results. Deekard tells you which queries have problems before you run them, saving you query execution costs. Also, no need for running plenty of test queries just for debugging.

Generate reliable dashboards and results.

Make sure you can trust your data and your queries. Before you share your dashboards and query results with stakeholders, you check for any data quality problems and feel confident in your results.

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