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Query Your Data with Confidence.

Deekard is a unified data analytics and data quality platform. Create analyses with ease and be confident in your results.

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Create beautiful visualizations

Just select the dataset and Deekard suggests ways to visualize the data and draw insights. Use the automatically created dashboards for inspiration and customize everything.

Understand quality issues in your data

Deekard automatically analyzes your data to understand any data quality issues. Based on the selected data transformations, you get targeted feedback on how quality issues impact your dashboards and how to fix them.

Use an intuitive no-code interface or write SQL

Select data and transformations from an intuitive no-code interface. Or use Deekard’s built-in SQL editor. It’s your choice.

Connect to any database or file

Deekard supports all major cloud databases. You can also easily upload data in CSV or Excel files.

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